"Attractiveness of beauty" is sometimes perceptual and cannot be analyzed with scientific data. Regardless of the times, the power to consume that comes from attunement to sensitivity and taste as well as enthusiasm is firmly ensconced in the consumer market. Sometimes it is a comparison on a purely aesthetic level which allows a product to win directly from a variety of beautiful packaging.
Needless to say, this work has an extremely high degree of completeness in the accuracy of the consumer class, technical details, texture, drawing and coloring.


Good Design Award Evaluation

SECRETEA from Maizuru cultivates premium honey black tea given its splendid natural environment. For the purpose of sustainability, SECRETEA does not hide any secrets. It adopts the approach of transparent contract farming and insists to take care of its natural tea fields directly. By adopting natural farming, it does not use any insecticides, antibacterial substances, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. It upholds the principle of protecting the honey tea from any chemical substances, and attempts to maintain a symbiotic relationship with tea green leafhoppers. As SECRETEA humbly learns from nature and treats the land kindly, pests become beneficial insects that instill aroma into tea leaves.
In 2016, a plan was formed for a series of updates to everything from the brand name to the visuals. To create a stylistic distinction from tea brands frequently seen on the market, the focus was placed on “boutique”, “exquisite”, and “feminine” as the keywords for establishing this new style. The names and standard fonts used continued to position the tone of the brand. The “S” and “T” from the English brand name, as well as the Chinese character for tea, “茶”, were transformed into images, constructing them into a design of smooth and elegant lines for the logo. The standard colors used exude the spirit of fragrance and friendliness of the earth.
Through this brand restructuring process, SECRETEA found its unique standing and communicative appeal. Conducting a thorough upgrade allowed the brand image and packaging to become more memorable, leaving a lasting impression of the brand in the hearts of consumers.
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