PURE SOUL(古心齋) is a sanctuary of enlightenment that purifies and heals the body, mind, and spirit through consultation under the inspiration of deities.
The core concept of our brand is inspired by the philosophy of Taoism in Laozi’s Dao De Jing that supreme benevolence is akin to water. Emulating the virtue of gentleness and altruism displayed by water, just like life-nourishing rain and dew drops, continuously flowing streams, and vastly inclusive oceans, we seek to provide spiritual consultations for all believers.
Our brand identity is also designed along the same lines. The image of our logo perfectly incorporates our core concept. Moreover, through the techniques of embossing and stitching as well as the use of slightly rough paper, our office supplies convey the intangible, gentle, but firm sense of water.
Through these designs, we seek to distinguish ourselves from previous religious brands, deliver a delicate texture that is closer to spiritual perceptions, and further create new vocabulary for religious brands.



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